Governing Council

Chairman - Mr Khoo Boon Hui
Chairman – Mr Khoo Boon Hui

The Association is governed by the Governing Council which is made up of the Chairman or President of its Ordinary Members.

The Governing Council exercises all necessary powers in respect of the overall policy of the Association through the Executive Board.  The Chairman of the Governing Council is elected from amongst the members of the Governing Council at its Annual General Meeting.


The Executive Board is comprised of:

  • A President
  • A Vice President
  • An Honorary Secretary
  • An Honorary Treasurer; and
  • (up to) Eight Members

They are appointed by the Governing Council from amongst the members of the Governing Council or representatives of any one or more Ordinary Members for a term of office of two years.


There are eleven Sub-Committees that have been appointed by the Executive Board. They are:

  • Engagement Sub-Committee
  • Audit Sub-Committee
  • Finance and Investment Sub Committee
  • Handicap Sub-Committee
  • Junior Development Sub-Committee
  • Marketing & Communications Sub-Committee
  • Rules Sub-Committee
  • Tournament Sub-Committee
  • Training & Selection Sub-Committee
  • Governance & Compliance Sub-Committee
  • Singapore Open Booth Sub-Committee