Overview and Rules School

Rules School Level 1

Look out for upcoming ones in 2023.


Rules School Level 2

Look out for upcoming ones in 2023.


Rules Overview

You will find many resources available tailored to your individual needs as a Golfer, a Committee Member, or a Referee via the link below.

This information can be accessed on various platforms, including this web-site, the 2019 Rules of Golf App and our various publications; The Player’s Edition, The Rules of Golf and the Official Guide to the Rules of Golf.



Rules Education

Golf is a self-regulating game and it is the responsibility of all golfers to know the Rules. The Rules provide the framework for the way the game is played. A sound knowledge of them will allow you to deal with most situations you encounter on the golf course and it may even save you a few strokes. With the new Rules of Golf taking effect on 1 January 2019, the Education programme now focuses on these new Rules.

For those that want to know more than the basics, and for those that need to know more, e.g. referees, golf club officials and competition organisers, a more thorough knowledge of the full Rules of Golf and the Official Guide to the Rules of Golf is required. All of the information in these publications can be found on the link below.



Rules of Golf at Home

In challenging times, there has never been a better time to brush up on your Rules of Golf – irrespective of what level of golfer you are.

If you have an enforced lay-off from playing and watching golf at the present time, then take the time to explore the Rules Academy by clicking on the link below. It’s a good way to stay engaged with golf and it might help your game.