Junior Squad

The Junior Squad consists of players ranging from 11 to 15 years old. Promising juniors are recruited into the squad to be groomed by giving them more training and playing opportunities. Players are recruited into the squad based on their performances at local SGA competitions which will then get them invited to participate in a selection trial that is conducted from time to time.

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S/N Name
1 Jayden Loh
2 Troy Storm
3 Ethan Lim
4 Sol Richmond
5 Bruce Kwong
6 Aaron Wee
7 Keeshaun Tan Kang Zheng
8 Ong Qi Heng


S/N Name
1 Passion Hsu
2 Chloe Bray
3 Guo Junxi
4 Denise Ng
5 Chloe Ng
6 Aamiya Koul
7 Kimiko Ang
8 Gladys Oh