Business Times Corporate Golf League – SGA Plays Its Part in Developing the Golf Ecosystem


A first and as part of its engagement strategy in the development of the golf ecosystem, SGA strengthened its role through the sanctioning of the recent Business Times Corporate Golf League tournament, which kicked off its first leg on Thursday (Feb 9) at Sentosa Golf Club’s Serapong course.

This event provides SGA’s ambassadors, Executive Board members and athletes the opportunity to connect with the corporates involved in this popular event. SGA adds value to this event through the provision of qualified rules officials, administrative support, golf clinics, as well as exclusive event shirts for the tournament.

The vision for SGA to play a leadership role in strengthening the golf ecosystem from the ground up is via two key areas. One area is through Stakeholders’ engagement and Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG), by fostering and maintaining strong relationships with key stakeholders in the golf industry including its members, sponsors, donors, academies, equipment companies, as well as regional and international golf federations. The other focuses on community engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), through its Get Golfing! program and building on existing relationships with NTUC Club, People’s Association, as well as collaborating with other stakeholders to further promote the game of golf in Singapore.